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Trayvon and The People

I think possibly the most frightening sounds that I have ever heard was are the screams in terror of young Trayvon Martin on the now infamous 911 calls from neighbors.  You can hear Trayvon desperately yelling “HELP HELP” at the top of his lungs.  Then there is a shot and the yelling stops.  A defenseless teen is violently murdered.  There are witnesses.  The murderer is a well known citizen of the community who should not be hard to find and apprehend.

Hoodies Up
Some of us know all too well what it is like to lose a loved one to violence.  There are more tragic stories of youth falling victim to unnecessary shootings in Chicago than there are stories in all the skyscrapers downtown.  We have heard the shots in the darkness and seen the news reports about the ungodly death tolls in a city that holds so much promise and opportunity.  So why are people so moved by the apparent racial profiling and racist murder that occurred on Feb, 26th in Sanford, Florida?  What about this indecent has rallied hundreds of thousands to mobilize and demand justice for the familiy of  Treyvon Martin?

I think the President of the United States, Barack Obama said it best, “If I had a son, he would look like Treyvon.”   After listen to the 911 tapes, learning more about George Zimmerman, hearing the facts surrounding the incident it is obvious that he should be charged with murder.  He should at least be detained.  The fact that he is currently walking around free in a slap in the face of so many.

Yes, there is violence that happens everyday in communities around the country that does not gain national headlines.  There are sons, daughters, brothers, mothers, fathers being beaten, raped, and violently killed.  This has been going on so long that people have began to expect it.  There is an expectation of gunfire and fighting when the weather warms up in Chicago.  Why do we stand for it?  Who is charged with stopping the violence?

There is a group called the Detroit 300 who have decided to take things into thier own hands.  These men have stood up and decided that enough is enough.  They are playing an active part in making a future for thier children. (see video)

Trayvon’s case will soon be resolved one way or the other. I pray that justice is properly served. But what if Zimmerman is found innocent? What happens then? Do we riot and hurt others and ourselves? Do we simply take the loss an move on to the next cause? Will we increase racial tensions between blacks and whites? Do we contenue to allow children to be murdered in their own homes and neighborhoods?

How about we honor the memory of Trayvon and all of the other people that have been killed before their time? This is not just about a “white” man shooting a black teen. This is about unifying and mobilizing to fight for justice!

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