Monthly Archives: February 2013

one year of illness recently celebrated our first birthday. (I know because I had to renew the domain and hosting)   I have to say that it has indeed been an interesting year.  There are some highlights that stand out in my mind.

- Going to Vegas and driving out into the middle of the dessert to see the remains of a prehistoric sea.

- An impromptu shoot in one of the most interesting public bathrooms i have ever seen.

- Traveling the city with In The City TV and seeing people and places that make up all the different sides of Chicago.


-  Joining forces with Chicago Beer Geeks to help tell the story of Chicago through beer!

- The great feeling that comes from having someone tell you that your fotos, sir up some meaningful feelings within them.

- Learning more and about how create beautiful images that people cherish.

So, now that is officially a second year player, I guess it time for us to start hiking up the prices.. after-all photography equipment is not cheap.  Just kidding…

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