what’s illfotos?”

“can’t you spell?”


illfotos is about understanding what makes each individual moment different than the next.  it is the skill to see how to capture this moment in time and make it shine forever.


i am Joseph Harvey – known in various circles by various monikers.  i am a photographer. i am a technologist.  i am so much more.  i am ill.

i chose the name illfotos because in my culture (hip-hop culture) the word “ill” has a very distinct meaning.  it is that feeling that one gets when they hit the game winning shot.  it is the taste of ice cold water on your tongue after running the anchor leg of a relay.  it is the glory of passing that certifying exam that you have been studying day and night for.

illfotos stands for quality in imagery.  we leverage technology, training, preparation and intuition to deliver great service and satisfaction that makes clients want to smile.







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