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one year of illness recently celebrated our first birthday. (I know because I had to renew the domain and hosting)   I have to say that it has indeed been an interesting year.  There are some highlights that stand out in my mind. – Going to Vegas and driving out into the middle of the dessert to see [...]

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Trayvon and The People

I think possibly the most frightening sounds that I have ever heard was are the screams in terror of young Trayvon Martin on the now infamous 911 calls from neighbors.  You can hear Trayvon desperately yelling “HELP HELP” at the top of his lungs.  Then there is a shot and the yelling stops.  A defenseless teen is [...]

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It has been an interesting past week. I have been contracted to shoot a couple very exciting events. I have also been shooting more architectural and nature scenes, which I find great pleasure in doing. One thing that I have found quite interesting is that as I promote and let people know that I [...]

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Kool Joe Kutta Bday

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My grandmother made quilts.  She made many many quilts.  She made large quilts that fit large beds and small quilts for little babies.  She made fancy ones, themed ones, and simple quilts.  My grandmother could take any kind of fabric and turn it into a piece of something greater. My grandmother showed her love through her quilts. [...]

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Life is a trip

You never know what tomorrow will bring.  You just have to decide what you what to do and what you want out of life and do all that you can to get it.  This morning as I rode the way overcrowded (im talking sardines) CTA 26 bus to work, I was thinking out this.  I [...]

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on my way..

So as I begin this journey into the world of semi pro photography, I can’t help bet to think about how I got to this point. Since this is my blog and I can basically say what ever I like, I will quickly talk about my creative side. I would look in awe at the [...]

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