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It has been an interesting past week. I have been contracted to shoot a couple very exciting events. I have also been shooting more architectural and nature scenes, which I find great pleasure in doing.

One thing that I have found quite interesting is that as I promote illfotos.net and let people know that I am building this business, I am hearing more and more people tell me how to ‘run’ this business. I also see more and more amateur and professional photographers that are coming into the game. I feel like there is room for everyone, but it is imperative that I master this craft to stand above the competition.

I get nothing from hating on anyone else and actually feel like I could possibly learn some things from others. I am still doing low cost shoots. I am signed up for more classes. I am eagerly learning new tools. I am experimenting with angles, exposure, shutter speeds, lighting, and more.

At church today, the pastor spoke about the builder that works on a building that is not blessed by God. No matter how hard he works, it is all in vain and will amount to nothing if the establishment is not in line with God.

This makes alot of sense. Some people are obviously more religious than others, but I think that this is applicable to many things that we do in life. I used to always feel like it was just me against the world. I didn’t know how to ask for help or admit when I was overwhelmed.
I guess wisdom does come with age.

This is illfotos.net and I’m snappin!


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